The Majority of Odors are a result of Indoor Pets.

There are a growing number of companion animals residing on our carpets, couches and in our beds keeping us company. Just because you have pets does not mean that your home or office must reflect that.

The severity of these odors is often underestimated by home and business owners as they become somewhat desensitized to the smell over time. However, on humid days or when there is an attempt to sell/lease the property, the odor may become very apparent.

Over-the-counter products that are sprayed or sprinkled onto the carpet will usually only mask the odor for a short period of time and then start attracting dirt. These odors can successfully be removed. However, it takes industrial-strength products and professionals who know how to use them to counteract the odor. In severe cases, the backing of the carpet has to be treated along with the sub floor, the padding replaced and possibly some tackstrip.

The cleaning technicians at Checkpoint have the training and the products to remove these odors, often times at a substantial savings over carpet replacement. In addition to pet odors, Checkpoint Cleaning Service specializes in the removal of other types of odors, such as smoke, skunk, sour milk, vomit, water damage, and other general type odors.

Checkpoint takes pride on its reputation to remove any odor no matter how severe.

You can also visit the "The Checkpoint Cleaning Store" for a full line of Pet Odor removal products to do the job youself and save $$$$!

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